Time Flies: Highlights of the Last Three Months

Blink. We arrived. Blink. New job. Blink. Appointed Church. Blink. Leave job. Blink. We’re Pregnant. Blink. New job. Blink. 11 Months.

Here we are, the end of November, 11 months after we set foot in Malaysia and I honestly can’t believe how fast it has all gone and how much has changed. This time in 3 weeks we will be at the airport ready to fly back to New Zealand, not for good yet but for some good quality family time. But before I get too reflective, I thought I would let you all know some of the non-baby related highlights we have experienced over the past 3 Months.

My New Job

Many of you know that in August I began a new teaching job at Excelsior International school. Although finding out I would be teaching our schools version of ‘New Entrance’ (4-5 year olds) was a shock, I was up for the challenge. I have really enjoyed having my own classroom again and having a large community of Expats to relate too. I have definitely had to upskill myself with teaching things such as phonics and get use to saying things several times, ‘Did you wash your hands’, ‘Look at your feet, do your shoes feel comfortable?’. Many people have suggested that my foray into early primary is allowing me practise of what is to come… But I have found delight in the eagerness this age group shows in ALL areas of learning, the beautiful art creations I am gifted with almost daily and the inquisitive nature that leads to questions such as ‘ Ms Lorna, did you paint your eyes blue’?

IMG_3790        IMG_3890


We have been blessed with the amount of travel we have been able to do this year. I am not going to say much about our trip as Hubby has promised to do a post about our journey. All I will say is that we fell in love with Taiwan! The food, the people, the PANDA’S!! I even got my own sticker for the MRT so that people would know I was pregnant (which meant seats on the train and priority in the public toilets)! I could and would definitely go back!


I love our church! It is difficult at times being away from your family and friends and this has only intensified with the raging wave of pregnancy hormones driving through my body at the moment. But the longer we have been here, the more Appointed has become our home. Our life group is amazing and I am loving the deepending friendships we are making. I am blown away at how we are growing, I am a very proud wife each time Eugene takes the stage whether he is worship leading (which he does incredibly well might I add), taking the offering or even preaching! I myself am getting challenged every service and am finding joy in the smallest of things. I myself even had the opportunity to preach (which was very nerve racking but very rewarding).

I still have a very bust three weeks before we leave for NZ, reports, an online course and christmas shopping to name a few things but this is life right!!

As always love and blessings,



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