2015: What a Year!

I am sitting on my brothers couch in New Zealand on a beautiful Hamilton Day, preparing myself for the 10 hour flight we are about to embark on back to Malaysia. Yes, I am filled with various thoughts and emotions (not all pregnancy induced) but the two I’m wrestling  with are sadness and hopeful expectation. Sadness for leaving my family, home and friends once again (much harder this time I must admit) but yet beginning to hold so much hopeful expectation for 2016! So for my last post of the year I though I would focus on thankfulness and excitement!

10 Things in 2015 I am Thankful for:

  • God and his guidance! 2015 and all the change that occurred would have been VERY difficult with out him  and his constant, unchanging guiding presence in my life!
  • My Husband, who for this whole year has supported me through job changes, stage of life changes, hormonal changes…. I am blessed to be his wife, each day he challenges me to be better and I am thankful.
  • My Family, supporting me from a very different culture in NZ. Although maybe not always understanding exactly what or why we do the things we are doing, loving me anyway.
  • BABY BOY! Pregnancy has definitely been a new exciting adventure and I am thankful for the blessing of carrying a child in a time when many are not able to.
  • Malaysia! For opening my eyes to difference, hospitality and really great food.
  • Appointed Church, our Pastors and church family. For welcoming us and allowing us to become apart of the life of the church.
  • Working in 2 very different schools and experiencing teaching students of all different ages.  Also having the opportunity to teach both IGCSE and the IB program.
  • My new friends, whether they are from life group, wider church, work or just through other means, it has made our year so much more enjoyable.
  • Travelling. This year we have been able to see so much more of the world, an opportunity that we wouldn’t have been able to do previously.
  • Having a swimming pool at our condo! (I know this one is a little silly) but I LOVE that we have a pool and that I can swim anytime I want.

10 Things in 2016 I am Excited for:

  • Becoming a mum! This is definitely top of my list. I may be nervous as heck, (what new mum is right) but I know with God and the support of our family and friends we will be AMAZING parents.
  • How God will grow us and shape us this year as we walk into a new season.
  • Having my Mum in Malaysia. Mum is coming in April CAN’T WAIT.
  • Seeing Appointed grow as the church continues to influence Johor Bahru.
  • Moving into our new condo and being more settled in Malaysia.
  • Having a really nice kitchen and HUGE fridge allowing me (and Eugene) to experiment more in the kitchen MMMmm.
  • Travel! Maybe not as much or as budget but I am sure we will still fit in a few trips this year.
  • Developing my Teaching Practise, especially with teaching the younger students. Although 4-5 year olds may not be my preferred teaching age I do LOVE my students and am looking forward to completing this school year with them.
  • Seeing what new developments happen in JB, whether it be restaurants, shops, cafes or Ikea…Haha!
  • Establishing even deeper relationships with new and old friends! God brought so many people into our life in 2015 I can’t wait to see who he brings into our life in 2016.

I hope that in some way 2015 has been an amazing adventure for you also.

As always, love and blessings.



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