Hwang’s Moving Castle

2016 for us has started with a ‘hiss and a roar’ as you would say! While going back to Malaysia to a familiar job and established church family has made it comparatively calmer and more settled than the beginning of 2015, 2016 is in no way going to be like any year we have experienced yet.

With the exciting expectation of Baby Boy always on our minds, Eugene and I have moved to a much more family (and baby) friendly condo called D’ambience. Our new apartment is on the 14th floor and has a lovely view of both JB and Singapore. While still a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment, it has a lot more furniture, an extra air con unit (A MUST), clear TV reception (yahoo) and my personal favourite…a BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN!


Our View

Since the move, I have found myself wanting to be at home even more. We have both been utilising our kitchen and I have been very much enjoying the delicacies Eugene has been cooking for dinner! As we have been progressively buying, I have slowly been doing up our single room into the nursery and promise a photo when it is done completely. The other room is currently being occupied by our fantastic friend and now temporary housemate Deb who we are REALLY enjoying having to stay.


Our Lounge

We are beginning to explore the shared facilities. Now that the haze is gone and it is safe for me to be outside again I am loving using the pool (as swimming is really the only exercise I am currently able to do competently). Eugene has checked out the gym and is very excited to try out the badminton courts. There is also a basketball court, BBQ area, reading areas and a Sauna for us to use if we wish.

Now that Air Asia is flying SUPER CHEAP between NZ and Malaysia, I can’t wait for you all to come and stay (hehehe)!

As Always,

Love and Blessings



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