Our Grandest Adventure Yet: Preparing For Parenthood Part 2

Well I am now officially in my Third Trimester and staring to feel the effects of it. Where has the time gone! It seems like only yesterday I was doing my second pregnancy test ‘just to make sure’, and now I am been woken in the night by a strong kick to the bladder. I was blessed with a very smooth Second Trimester, other that horrible indigestion and a growing bump, I felt almost normal again…almost. Here are some of the highlights of the past 3 months on our journey towards Parenthood.

Although many people are fortunate to find out the gender of their child around 17-20 weeks, we had to wait a little longer. Our lil babe (taking after his father), enjoys a good sleep and when we went for our gender scan, there he (well ‘it’ at the time) was sound asleep with his legs crossed. No hope!! This meant another 4 week wait until we could find out! So I did my research… Googled ‘How to make sure your baby is awake during a scan’ and came armed at our next appointment with an ice cold sprite and lollies! I would like to say that baby was lively and awake but no… asleep again! But at least he co-operated with us enough to move into position…A BOY! (Just like I thought).

IMG_5108.JPG                        IMG_5129


Another highlight was finally seeing a bump and feeling him kick! I was by no means ‘petite’ before my pregnancy which resulted in many a, ‘is she pregnant or just put on weight’ glances. I didn’t really start to feel him move until about 18 weeks and it wasn’t until I hit 22 weeks and in my maternity clothes that it was obvious that I was pregnant. Eugene excitingly first felt him kick around 24 weeks. Now however…..lets just say bloated balloon (for mum) and future soccer player (for Baby Boy). I’ve been sending progressive updates back to the family at home and lets just say they’ve gotten in on the action!

Image-1  IMG_5526 IMG_5527

Once we found out the gender and I was feeling and looking more pregnant each day, an overwhelming desire to nest began! When we were back in NZ, mum organised a Baby Shower for me and my family were very generous with their gifts. Little tiny pants, booties, blankets is enough to make most women sigh.. let alone when you’re have raging pregnancy hormones flowing through you. When we arrived back to Malaysia, we flew into KL so we had a quick (well 2 and a half hour) stop of at Ikea and got our first round of baby furniture. A 10 hour flight + 1 hour airport wait + 2 1/2 hour Ikea trip then a 4 hour drive back to Johor did result in some incredibly swollen feet though.

IMG_5236  Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.35.20 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.35.31 PM.png

Once we got back and were settled into our new place the inner 6th form seamstress in me emerged! I began finding free baby clothes patterns online and became a Pinterest machine! I have to thank Ps Lyn for lending me her machine as mine is still tucked away at a friends back in Wellington. I began by recycling  our old clothes to baby clothes and then as my confidence grew, so did my projects! From baby carriers to bibs, chino’s to blankets boy I was sewing!


I will continue to keep you posted on how things are going with our growing family!

As Always,

Love and Blessings




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