Content, Excited, Expecting

We are now into our last days of March, our second March in Malaysia. Although this March is very different to last March!! Last March I was excited because we had got a new car, this March we just paid a wee bit for road tax and to re-insure our car. Last March I was egarly expecting our trip to Japan, this March I am egarly expecting our SON (well in 2-3 weeks) and the arrival of my Mum in April.

This month has had its shares of ups and downs. Unfortunately whist waiting to turn at an intersection, another driver decided they would like to ‘meet’ the back out our car! (Luckily we had just re-insured our car right!) This has meant a trip to the police station, the insurance agent and nearly 3 weeks later still no car!! But we have been blessed by a family at church who are lending us one of their cars in the interim, an extra blessing as bubs could arrive any week/day now.

However like many months here in Malaysia, March has also brought a series of firsts and highlights! For me, these have included celebrating Appointed Church’s 2nd Anniversary, having both my colleagues and the parents of the students in my class surprise me with 2 seperate baby showers, washing all the CUTE baby clothes/sheets and having Brett and Sue Walker, very close family friends and the ministers of our family church in Napier come and visit us here in Johor Bahru. I also got to experience my first live snake (right outside my classroom) and learnt that actually snakes can swim!

As I now embark on maternity leave (and my last few child-free weeks) I will be trying to get some rest. But those of you who know me well, know I will probably go MAD within 2 days if I don’t find something to do with my time! Hopefully by the time my next update comes, there will be some cute pictures of our son to share with you. For now I leave you with some pictures of the past month.

As Always, Love and Blessings



Appointed Church Anniversary


Me at 35 Weeks


Some of my Co-Workers




The ‘Incident’





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