Hello April and Hello Parenthood

By now if you’re family, friend or just remotely connected to Eugene and I by some sort of social media, you would know our world has been turned with the arrival of Baby Ethan Zhi Lik Hwang on April 21st. Although he he entered the world much differently than I had hoped (through an emergancy c-section after 30 hours of labour with no dilation due to engaging transversely) I can honestly say I have never experienced so much love in my entire life as I did the first time I saw him and heard his little cry (which honestly sounds like a little sheep). 

It is amazing how parenthood unites you with others. It transcends race, gender and religion. It seems like Malaysia is just as much in love with Ethan as we are. In the 1st short week of his life I have had countless conversations with all types of people, expats, Chinese, Indians and Malays alike. Some like to give advice (and are shocked I’m not confined to my home drinking herbal soup) but most are just fascinated by this beautifully tiny Eurasian boy. I’ve been overwhelmed by how strangers want to help. Whether it is moving so we can get a table to having one mother wait with us it in a nursing room in the mall (because Ethan was beside himself screaming and wouldn’t latch) and she was concerned for me. It has made me even more excited about this new season of life and the opportunities that will come our way. 

Although Ethan sort of stole the show April has had another major highlight, my Mum has come to visit! Grangran has been experiencing Malaysia in its finest, crazy traffic, tropical storms and all. Pre-baby we did a lot of movie watching, house preparing with a few trips out. Post-baby she has been in full blown Grangran mode. Cooking/cleaning/nursing (both baby and me)/losing sleep/shopping! But she’s loving every minute of it and is already planing to come back before the year is out. I don’t know what we would have done without her and will miss her sorely when she leaves next Saturday. 

Here are a few photos of our first weeks as a little family. 

Feeding time with Daddy

Grangran has the magic touch

Our first family photo

Our beautiful boy

‘I’m asleep because I have just pooed and vomited everywhere’

Loving bath time with daddy!

As always, Love and Blessings



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