Bangkok and Back to School

I cannot believe we are already in August! Only 4 more months until Christmas then HELLO 2017! In the last few weeks the Hwangs have been on a few adventures ourselves, some to foreign lands and some to new seasons of life! 

I’m sure many of you will know ( especially if you follow my husband on Instagram) that earlier this month Eugene and I braved Thailand with Ethan our 3.5month old son. Armed with boobs, bottles and a baby carrier we braved the streets of Bangkok for 4 days. We visited temples, markets did boast cruises, at beautiful food and when the heat got to us….went shopping! Eugene and I were both amazed at how well Ethan did. And although traveling with an infant ment more taxi rides than the train rides we were used too, we managed to do most of the things we wanted to do without breaking the bank! 

We flew in at midnight and by 9am I was back at work. This academic year I am teaching Grade 4 (Year Five or Standard 3) which is a lot different to the 4 and 5 year olds I was teaching last academic year! We had quite a high staff turn over last year and while I’m missing my colleagues from last year I am really enjoying the new team of people I’m working with.  I have 14 students 12 of them Malaysian, one from India and one from Korea and boy are they gonna keep me on my toes. They are so inquisitive which is fantastic. I am looking forward to teaching upper primary again. 

As Eugene is on holiday most of August, he has been looking after Ethan. When he goes back to work Ethan will go to our Nanny Aunty Lin (sort of like A Porse Carer in NZ). She is a lovely Chinese Christan woman and is everything we prayed for. She is only going to speak to Ethan in Mandarin so hopefully we will have ourselves a bilingual we man. 

Here are a few pictures of our Thai Adventure! 

As always, Love and Blessings



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