Time for a Quick Catch Up!

Hello All

I have been reminded lately on more than 1 occasion that I am due for another blog post. Well as it has been 10 months (eek sorry), it is time for what we call in NZ a ‘Quick Catch Up!’. So much has happened since then, Ethan has gone from a roller to a walker, we have had multiple visitors and I’ve added another year of teaching to my belt. Life as a young Expat family has it’s challenges but is a crazy exciting ride!

I’ll start our wee ‘catch up’ with Ethan! To be honest it was like one morning I blinked and suddenly we had a Toddler. Gone a the carefree days when we could put out drinks on the dining table or we could store ANYTHING in the low cupboards. But with his increased sense on independence has come the development of some beautiful traits. Although he defiantly wants ‘mummum’ in the room to share his toys and for reassurance, he is quite happy playing by himself and every so often he will waddle over to me, give me a quick cuddle and then continue playing. He has also developed a new found love of books and will squeal in delight as he selects one, brings it over and sits in my lap, turing the pages. I will however, omit in this post the details of the recent tantrum he just had when he refused to be carried in the supermarket and was determined to pull all the cans off the bottom shelf.

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Church has been going well and has been growing month by month. I have been learning to love my new found roll in church life. As any young mum who has been active in church can tell you, once a baby comes along things change. Although I can not serve in the same capacity and I used to, I am loving having the blessing of seeing Ethan flourish and develop. We now have a handful of babies and toddlers at Appointed filling up our parents room downstairs. We are very blessed to have pastors who love having young families and children in the life our church and Ethan enjoys clapping away to praise and if we are lucky will fall asleep during worship.

In January we were luck to have a visit from my brother Glen and his partner Corey when they were travelling around Asia. We introduced them to the delicacies of Malaysia food, showed them around our city and also all crammed in the Myvi to take a Day Trip to Melaka. Although it was just a small visited, it was so great to see them and the left each with a pair of fippers and with a love for 100plus!

Next to Visit was my brave sister Erica. Anyone who choose to come to tropical Malaysia at the end of their 2nd Trimester deserves to be called brave in my books. Erica came for two weeks in April which also coincided with Ethan’s 1st Birthday. While she was here she managed to teach Ethan how to shake his head from side to side, and now overtime we facetime, as soon as he sees her all he does is sit there and shake his head! During Erica’s time in Malaysia we went to Singapore to see the pandas, had a long weekend in KL, visited several Mamark’s for roti (her personal fav) and even brought Ethan into school for a day. In a few short weeks Dad arrives and in September my Inlaws are coming too.  I must admit it has been so lovely having so many visits from family this year.

Finally, I can’t believe it is time to say goodbye to yet another class. This year I have taught Grade 4 (in NZ/UK it is the same as Year 5). There are many great things about only having a class of 16 (yes 16), especially when you think of our teacher admin (reports, marking, assessment, PTC). But the thing I have enjoyed the most is the extra time you get to spend with each student, this in my case, has resulted in a much more insightful and closer teacher-student relationship with my students this year. Although there are definitely challenges working at my school, the students have made this year great. We have learnt about risk’s and challenges children face resulting in a trip to a local children’s welfare home, explored space and how it’s explored, learnt about digital safety and presented our knowledge in plays to the school and also learnt all out renewable energy and what our carbon footprint is doing to the world. To say I have enjoyed learning with them is an understatement.

Well that is the end of my ‘Quick’ catch up! Hope things are well for you all.

As Always, Love and Blessings,








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